What Is the Difference Between a Mini Crib and a Regular Crib?

What Is the Difference Between a Mini Crib and a Regular Crib2

A baby is a huge happiness to a parent. A parent dreams about their babies once they are in the womb. It is very important to set up your baby’s nursery as per their comfort zone. As a parent, make sure you provide a healthy and sustainable environment for your child’s development. It can overwhelm and confusing at the same time to choose products for your baby. For all your questions in mind, we have the solution through newmomplus.com.

Setting up a nursery for your baby

Motherhood is going to be a challenging task you will ever have. You will need a separate space for feeding, bedding, and bathing for your newborn. Designing a nursery can be difficult and daunting, but it is going to be a wonderful experience, especially if you are new to this. But there are some DO’s and DON’T’s while you set your baby’s room:

                                Do                         Don’t
Create a cohesive design and decorate the ceiling                     Use harsh lights
Consider going green and buy all the essentials from bathing to bedding                   Forget the night-light
Develop a system for sorting and storing clothes                 Forget to stock necessities
Create a sanitation station Make their space messy and it is better to clean their place regularly
Identify a focal point                   Neglect your windows

What Is the Difference Between a Mini Crib and a Regular Crib

Crib bedding

Sleep is an important part of our lives, especially for babies. It plays a major role in their physical and mental development. So creating a healthy bedding environment for your baby is inevitable. There are also different sizes of cribs. You can find the best crib for short moms in newmomplus.com or click here for more detailed information about cribs.

Crib sets in the traditional pattern are still the parent’s favorites. Some parents who love to explore various colors and patterns go for modern crib sets. Some of them prefer organic bedding (organic crib).

According to various studies, it is better to choose a crib that is chemical-free or non-toxic as it creates a great environment for your baby.

When your baby has sensitive skin, it is best if you choose natural products without chemical finishing and are hypoallergenic. It is good to have some knowledge of fabrics while choosing a crib. Still confused, don’t worry mommy! Click here to know more.

Best fabrics for baby crib bedding

Babies need extra care. Especially, taking care of their skin is important. As every baby’s skin is sensitive, it requires extra attention in choosing to bed essential for your little munchkins. Non-synthetic material is the best for babies. They make the fabric of natural fibers like organic cotton and linen.

Pure organic cotton and linen have excellent qualities like durability, breathability, and absorbency. Linen fabric is hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t let dust, bacteria, or germs inside, making it perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

What Is the Difference Between a Mini Crib and a Regular Crib

Best cribs for petite moms

Finding a crib for petite moms can be a great struggle. There are a few tips to choose the best crib for short moms. All cribs in the above list are safe for your baby, with that design that suits for short moms.

We also call them as low-profile cribs because of short legs and not because of low railings. We list the best convertible cribs below.

BABYLETTO HUDSON             3 in 1                   34,8”
BABYLETTO MODO             3 in 1                   34,7”
DELTA CHILDREN EMERY             4 in 1                   34”
STORKCRAFT HILLCREST             4 in 1                   34,2”
BABYLETTO HARROW     3 in 1 acrylic crib                   34,5”
GRACO REMI     4 in 1 combo crib                   35,9”
STOKKE SLEEPI     3 in 1 oval crib                   34”

Mini Crib Vs Regular crib

The name itself tells us the definition that a mini crib is smaller than a regular crib. However, both the cribs have unique features that make them stand out on their own. Cost, space, type of mattress, and so on make them vary from each other.

                                MINI CRIB STANDARD (or) REGULAR CRIB
Relatively cheaper than the regular ones Higher in cost
WIDTH:28 inches LENGTH: 52 inches WIDTH:24 inches LENGTH: 38 inches
Best for small house occupies a smaller area Suitable only for a large area.
They are easily portable They are ideal for home purposes and non-portable
Age recommendation is 0-2 years It can be used by children over two years since most of them are in traditional patterns. It can also be converted into a small bed
                              DEPTH: 1-4”                     DEPTH: 5-6”

The above table explains the various features of both cribs. But both the standard and a mini crib are safe for sleeping. Here are some important differences that should concern.

What Is the Difference Between a Mini Crib and a Regular Crib2

Size difference

A regular crib occupies a larger space than a mini crib. A mini crib is easy to use and small size makes it easier to move around. The size of the mattress also differs. A regular crib often needs a bigger mattress compared to a mini crib. Sheets on the mini crib are also smaller than standard cribs.

Usage duration

The life of a standard crib is higher than a mini crib. You can use a mini crib for two years, and not more than that. The regular crib comes under the convertible crib category. They can easily convert to a toddler bed and can use for years. It is wise to choose a normal crib for a long lifetime.

Advantages and disadvantages of mini crib


  • Easily portable and smaller
  • Ideal for a smaller area
  • The best option for newborn babies as these types of cribs specially designed for them
  • Easy to store as they are foldable


  • As your infant is in the growing stage, it may outgrow it
  • Shop again for a standard crib

Advantages and disadvantages of a regular crib


  • Long-lasting and bigger
  • They are convertible cribs
  • The traditional pattern makes them versatile
  • Sturdy to accommodate heavy babies


  • Non-portable
  • Highly expensive

Safety practices

Either a mini crib or a regular crib. Safety considerations are the same for both the cribs.

  • Do not place your crib near a window where there is direct sunlight and the strings from the curtain can wrap your baby’s neck.
  • Never place pillows and blankets as your baby can smother under them.
  • Convert your crib into a toddler bed (in case of the regular crib) when he reaches 3 feet. You can also introduce a small bed with sheets on them if it is not a convertible crib.


Mini crib and regular crib have differences between them. But choosing the right crib is a preference of the parents, according to their convenience. Give your baby the best sleeping experience by choosing the best crib or visit newmomplus.com for more details.

In the market, you have a variety of cribs meant for short moms and dads. For picking the right choice the above details might be useful and kindly share for those who are in need. Hope this article gives you a clear picture of the differences between mini and regular cribs. Still confused about investing the right crib for your babies, click here to get the best lists of baby products. Enjoy parenting!