How to Choose a Baby Air Purifier?

How to Choose a Baby Air Purifier

Air purifiers work very well for babies and newborns. Because it helps air cleaning, protects health, and helps babies prevent respiratory-related diseases such as pneumonia, flu, and so on. However, when using the best baby air purifier, parents need to note how to operate the air purifier most effectively and safely. Please refer to the article below.

Uses of air purifiers for babies

Babies have a weak immune system and an incomplete brain, which makes them vulnerable to external factors. Besides, the baby has a light bodyweight and a top rate of breathing. Theret is more likely to get adversely affected by air toxins than adults who inhale the same concentration.

Meanwhile, the significant health effects of air purifiers bring a good resolution to this problem. Air purifiers help to remove dirt, animal hair, pollen grains, and bacteria so your baby gets protected from respiratory diseases.How to Choose a Baby Air Purifier

Choose the right air purifier features

Few air purifiers are good for babies, so when choosing to buy baby air purifiers, pay attention to the features. The two most common types of air purifiers used for babies are the room air purifier with filters and filterless air purifiers.

For babies, the immune system is still very weak, so it is easy to get sick. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your baby, choose air purifier with the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, or other types of germs. Prevent and destroy odors in the room to ensure the room air is always clean and cool.

Often families with a young baby will choose the air purifier equipped with HEPA filter and activated carbon filter to meet their needs.

Besides, if your family lives in cold climates, choose a model with humidifying features. However, if you live in humid areas, choose a model that tries to dehumidify to ensure the health of the baby. Besides, it also help the air not be too cold or too dry, limiting respiratory diseases for baby.

You should note that you should not buy models equipped with ozone and ion filters. Because when used in excess, ozone can affect human health, especially a young baby. They are not suitable for a young baby.How to Choose a Baby Air Purifier

Choose an air purifier that suits your area of ​​use

For the air purifier to operate at the highest efficiency, you need to pay attention to the usage area and choose the production capacity to suit the area of usage. Because if you choose, an air purifier with a small capacity you will not achieve the desired effect or if using an air purifier with a large capacity for a narrow area will be a waste.

#1. Use moderately

One more thing to keep in mind when using air purifiers for babies is that continuous usage will lead to overloaded and inefficient operation anymore.

Besides, to save electricity, stop using the humidifier and air filter, blowing the breeze when it rains, when the temperature is low or at night.

#2. Choose the right humidity

To bring fresh air, ensure safety for the health of a baby. When using air purifiers you need to choose the humidity accordingly. According to experts, the most appropriate moisture for babies is 40-50%, the temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees C. The best for babies is between 26 to 28 degrees C.

Humidity should not be higher or lower than the safety zone because there is a high risk of respiratory diseases.

#3. Place the device in an appropriate position

Choosing a suitable position for the air purifier is also something that you need to consider when using air purifiers for a baby. You should place the air purifier away from the baby’s position, sit. Then turning the device in a direction that should not let airflow directly to the baby.

Should place the air purifier on a firm surface and cool, dry places to keep the durability of the air purifier is highest. Besides, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, high temperatures easily cause the air purifier gets damaged.

If we equip the room with air conditioning, the best place to place the air purifier is right below the icy surface of the air conditioner. So that clean air will get dispersed evenly throughout the room.

Besides, also clean the air purifier regularly and properly to operate the air purifier most effectively and increase its durability.


Above are the considerations when choosing to buy and use baby filters that you need to care about. I wish you buy the right product to create a clean. A healthy living environment helps a baby develop comprehensively physically and intellectually.