How to Care for Newborns in the First Month?

How to Care for Newborns in the First Month

Taking care of baby for the first month is very important and requires thorough and thorough care. When taking care of baby in the first month, how do we care, so mothers need to pay attention to baby and take good care of baby

What is the development of a 1 month old baby?

Babies under 1 month old have just stepped out of their mother’s womb so they are still surprised and have not yet adapted to their surroundings.

1 week of age for baby

At this time, the baby is too young, he still does not realize anything, even his vision is very limited, he only sees his mother when the mother hugged him close.

Phase 2 weeks old

At this time, your baby is more developed and you can now recognize the voice of your mother or someone who holds you.

At this time, the baby mainly sleeps mainly and the baby only cries for communication, so the mother takes care of her and nothing is tired.

The baby would love to be cuddled, cuddled and cuddled by you.

Stage 3 weeks old

Now that the baby is able to identify and demand more, he likes to suck on his mother more. When you wake up, just put the ti in the mouth will not cry and sleep again.

You should prepare your baby with a pacifier or a pacifier to avoid sucking and reduce the risk of sudden death.

Stage 4 weeks old

So the baby is 1 month old rooid, at this time mom is preparing a party to celebrate the month of the baby, your baby is more knowledgeable, strange to others who can cry when strangers carry, but The baby’s living schedule is mainly just feeding and sleeping all day.

Guide the best baby care

When a baby is born, he is too young and unfamiliar with the outside environment. So we need to take care of baby in the most complete and thorough manner.

Baby care environment

Baby babies are still affected by the environment in the womb because they are too weak and immature to adapt to the external environment, at this time they are always kept warm and cared for very carefully. bisexual.

Usually when the baby is less than 1 month old, parents do not allow baby to contact with outsiders to limit the bad signs to the baby.

Caring for umbilical cord for baby

When the baby is born, the doctors have carefully wrapped the umbilical cord for the baby so when returning home. The mother should pay attention to bathing, cleaning the umbilical cord for the baby. You must take care of the baby carefully, gently wash to avoid Infection of the baby’s umbilical cord is very dangerous for the baby.

The baby’s umbilical cord will fall out on its own after 2-3 weeks so the mother doesn’t have to worry. You should not apply anything to the umbilical cord so that the umbilical cord will fall out very quickly.

Breastfeed your baby

Babies are still young so they do not know how to breastfeed, so mothers need to practice breastfeeding.

Mother needs to be in the correct position to breastfeed and not choking.

Baby should breastfeed enough milk, making sure that they are fed enough times usually for babies 1 month old to breastfeed 10-12 times a day.

Sleep care for baby

When babies are young, they are only 1 month old. They only sleep and wake up when they are hungry, they need to breastfeed. Therefore, mothers need to pay attention to the change of baby.

During this time, baby usually sleep 18 hours a day. At this time they only wake up when the diaper is wet or hungry or wake up for about 1 hour to sleep again. This time they sleep day and night because they can not distinguish between day and night.

This period of time the baby’s sleep takes place naturally so to the 2nd or 3rd month. The mother should train the baby to sleep at the right time for the baby to develop comprehensively.

So above are the knowledge of 1 month old babies. Hopefully mothers will have more knowledge in the best way to take care of baby. Wishing you success .