How Many Months Old Baby Potty?

Young mothers want their babies to potty early, but it can be harmful to the bladder if they sit incorrectly. So when you can practice for potty and need to note what then in this article I will share to you.

 When should your baby practice potty

Potty sitting is a very good habit, it helps mothers have more time in the housework. In order for the baby to get used to this, the mother must practice for the baby properly and at the right time.

Usually potty does not depend on age, but depends on the development and parenting. When your child shows the following signs, he or she is ready for potty.

  • First, he or she must walk and sit on objects like chairs and tables themselves.
  • Second, he can take off his pants to sit.
  • Thirdly, the baby must have regular urination habit, this is the parents must practice for the baby from the beginning.
  • Fourth, the baby is cognitive enough to find the wet clothes very uncomfortable.

There are some children who see their parents or siblings in the potty asking to follow them, at which time the parents can take advantage of the opportunity to practice for them too.

How to practice potty for babies

There are no specific specifications depending on the baby’s condition. There are children only need to look at the potty to be able to sit on their own, there are also children who have to spend a long time to sit on their own.

However, in practice, when the baby has all four factors above, parents can practice for the baby to sit on their own, the steps are as follows:

First, let the child get used to the potty, the parents have to sit beside because the child will feel scared or will run if the mother leaves.

Later, when the baby asks to go to the toilet, the parents should remind the child to go to the potty, which creates a habit that every time he needs to go, he will go by himself, no need for the parents to remind him.

Should compliment your baby after each baby finishes, this will create a sense of excitement for your baby for being complimented. Do not scold or beat your baby if they do not sit properly, go out to the potty because it will make them fear for the next time.

Notes when practicing potty for babies

To achieve good results, parents must be persistent, not impatient because children are young enough to understand that potty is necessary. Here are some notes that parents should know when practicing to potty.

Do not force the child too early: When the child has not met all four factors, the parents should not force the child to potty, because the force will make children scared, later it will be very difficult for the child to accept.

Create excitement for children: Should create a space suitable for children. If the child is too hard, the parents can give the baby the toys they like, and do not forget to sit next to him until he gets used to the potty.

Don’t impose your child: If the neighbor’s child is the same age as his child, he should not use that pot as a criterion to enforce, because the potty does not depend on the age but on the development of the potty. each baby.

No rush: Children are often very difficult to tell, especially between the ages of 2 and 5, so parents should not force their children to sit for short periods of time.

There are parents who beat their children if they do not sit or go out, this is not recommended because they will be worried and will not be potty next time.

Above are the sharing about how to practice potty, parents should not force them too much, but give them time to sit by themselves.