How Can Kids Make Their Bones Stronger

In vitamins like A, B, C, D, vitamin D plays an extremely important role in the development of children’s bones. There are many foods high in vitamin D, such as fresh milk, fish, shrimp, eggs, filet meats, mushrooms, cereals, oats, and soy. In addition, the sun also contributes to the development of vitamin D, which helps the bones to grow better. 

So, let’s learn 10 vitamin D-rich foods to help children develop bones in this article.

 Fresh milk

Every child needs milk because this is the best calcium supplement. With 100 grams of milk supplement about 52 IU of vitamin D. To get enough vitamin D every day, it is necessary to supplement for children from 2-4 cups of milk. 

If the baby is still breastfed, the mother should eat enough vitamins to help children absorb enough vitamin D in breast milk. If the baby has stopped feeding, depending on the baby, the mother will feed the baby different types of milk to suit the needs such as brown rice milk, yogurt, fruit milk.


Saltwater fish or river fish also contain abundant levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D from fish contributes to the development of strong bones.

Fish are also rich in protein, zinc, and proteins that are good for children’s bone growth. We can make many dishes, tastes suitable for children, stimulate children to eat better such as steaming, grilling, grilling fish rolls.


Shrimp contains a lot of calcium, omega 3, protein, vitamin b12 and iron. They are all essential for children’s bone development.

Often mothers cook porridge, steam, bake for children to eat. Every week, the mother should supplement the baby at least 1 time 100 grams of shrimp for children to be absorbed enough nutrients in the shrimp.


Hard-boiled eggs are a child’s favorite food and contain lots of good things for babies like zinc, calcium and many other vitamins.

Vitamin d in eggs contains a high content that helps children develop good bones. But mothers should be careful to boil eggs well before feeding children and should not give children much because they are prone to digestive disorders, liver and kidney damage and do not eat eggs with sugar, soy sauce.


Pork is almost every meal, but lean filet contains many vitamins, nutrients, high protein and low fat.

The amount of vitamin D in lean meat is very high, which helps to provide complete nutrition for the child to develop comprehensively. As for fatty meat, there is much fat that people do not know. People often eat butt meat and especially bacon, this type of meat contains high fat content, does not contain as much calcium as lean meat.


The special golden benefit of mushrooms is that they contain a lot of vitamin D, which helps children build strong bones and enhance immunity. In addition, mushrooms also contain much, zinc, protein, essential amino acids for children.

Mothers should not eat colorful mushrooms because they are prone to poisonous mushrooms.Please remove the rotten mushrooms and cook them thoroughly before cooking them for cooking.


Want to supplement enough calcium and calories to wake up early without having to fussy about cooking, besides milk, there are nutritious cereals.

Cereals are a good food for calcium deficient ages, weak bones are not healthy that is the age of children and the elderly.

Dishes made from cereals such as cakes and porridge are very many families making nutritious breakfast dishes for the family.


Oats contain a lot of vitamins, calcium and nutrients, rich in antioxidants and strengthen the immune system for children, helping to form strong bones.

The mother should cook many dishes to change the child’s taste such as porridge, soup, milk, cakes for children.

Soy beans

Soy milk is the easiest to use and easy to make product that contains a lot of vitamins D, A, E, K, and zinc. Besides, soy is also a healthy food, good for bone growth, height and Heart.


Referring to the calcium-enriched juice for bone-growing children is orange juice, kiwi juice, strawberry kiwi smoothie, jackfruit mango smoothie, especially rich in vitamins, fiber which helps develop brain and good for digestive system. .

Above is a summary of 10 foods rich in vitamin D to help your baby develop bones. Hopefully this article will help you take care of your children better.