Common Skin Diseases in Babies

Common Skin Diseases in Babies

Baby have very young skin and weak immune system, so they often suffer from skin diseases such as diaper rash, pimples, rash, impetigo, dermatitis. What should parents do when a baby has skin diseases? Here I will help you learn and treat some skin diseases in seasonal baby offline.

Why do baby often get skin diseases?

Young skin is immature, so sensitive to environmental changes, weather changes make it difficult for baby to adapt, especially on hot days, baby can sweat a lot, so they are more susceptible to diseases. skin diseases like heat rash, eczema, impetigo

Every mother wants her baby to have a soft, pink skin, so take good care of them.

Some common skin diseases in baby

The baby’s natural skin protection function is still weak, so the baby is prone to skin diseases, usually the following diseases:

Heat rash

Hot weather causes baby to sweat a lot, which causes heat rash in young baby. They often have red bumps all over their wrists, ankles, neck, back and forehead.

Baby with heat rash are often very uncomfortable and itchy when scratching scratches the skin and can cause skin infections.

To help reduce the symptoms of itching, baby can wear cool clothes, wipe them often with a warm towel. In addition, we can cook some water from tea leaves, star fruit leaves, squid leaves for baby to bathe.

Skin rash, diaper rash

Diaper rash is a skin disease in baby, often caused by baby wearing diapers or wearing tight clothes that cause urine to stagnate so bacteria invade and cause sores all over the groin area, causing baby to catch colds discomfort.

Babies are diaper rash subjective mother, less interested in changing diapers for baby new diaper rash.

In order to prevent babies from diaper rash, mothers should change babies’ diapers often, when changing diapers, wipe the baby’s groin area with clean water to keep the baby’s skin dry and dry to help the baby feel more comfortable.


Babies who do not sit still at the most stable stage of crawling will crawl around the house, causing insects to bite and bacteria to penetrate, resulting in damage to their skin leading to allergies and infections.

To prevent the disease for the mother should regularly clean the baby, restrict baby play in mud areas to help baby more comfortable and will not suffer from skin diseases.

Indigo milk

This disease usually appears in baby under 6 months old, eczema is spread all over the body, often forming clusters with lithium particles, redness, cracking, and watering.


Baby are often dirty, or sitting around so pimples appear all over the buttocks, making them uncomfortable and possibly painful.

Remedy: Bathe baby with leaf water, apply medicine to the pimples to make them more comfortable


The rash rashes, breaks out for a few days and scales, usually appearing on the face and mostly around the mouth.

How to handle mothers should cook some leaf water to bathe baby such as star fruit juice, guava leaf, green tea leaf. Baby should bathe clean, do not play in dirty water, places full of pollution.

Red rash

Usually when the newborn appears rash on the skin, the rash is very similar to a mosquito bite, accompanied by a yellow rubber tip.

The rash is usually on the body of a baby, sometimes on the face, hands and feet of the baby.

The disease is not too worrying, the mother stays silent for 7-10 days as the rash may go away on her own.

So on the line are some common seasonal skin diseases, hope mothers watch and know well to take care of baby in the best way.