Best Time to Expose Baby to Sun for Vitamin D

Best Time to Expose Baby to Sun for Vitamin D

Sunbathing is good for babies, helping infants synthesize the vitamins needed for the body. Sunbathing is not always good, so how to give a good sunbathing time, how effective it is, please see the following article.

Why need sunbathing for babies

Sunbathing is one of the essential things for children, helping them synthesize vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the comprehensive development of children both physically and intellectually.

Usually babies synthesize vitamin D by sunbathing, according to a doctor’s study, about 80% of vitamin D is synthesized from the ultraviolet rays of sunlight shines directly on the skin and the remaining 20% ​​is synthesized from human breast milk and daily foods (meat, fish, mushrooms, eggs, butter, sardines …)

If children are not sunbathing, they are at risk of rickets and jaundice.

Sunbathing children how to properly

Sunbathing is good for the body, but if sunbathing is wrong, it will hurt the skin of the child. So mothers should pay attention to sunbathing for children.

Sunbathing for several months old babies

Usually we sunbathe the child at the best stage?

Since ancient times, grandparents used to abstain very carefully for postpartum mothers and young children. After the baby is born, the mother and the baby must stay in the room, not allowed to go out into the wind, eat rice and take them to the room to eat, and the baby cannot go out. That absolutely doesn’t need to be changed.

But the fact that doctors think that children born about 2 weeks is that we need to take children to the sun in the best way to help them develop better both physically and mentally.

Must be diligent sunbathing children to help children not yellowing, rickets.

What time do sunbathing for children

For the sunbathing to be most effective, the mother needs to pay attention to bathing the child at the most appropriate time of the day.

Usually we will let children sunbathe at about 6 – 9 am is a period of gentle sunshine, low ultraviolet rays helps children synthesize vitamin D quickly.

In the afternoon at about 4 to 5 o’clock we should let the sunbathing, but often the mother baths for babies in the morning to fresh air, cool than we sunbathe them in the afternoon.

The sunbathing time of a child can be influenced by the weather of seasons such as:

Summer: the sun often rises earlier and more intense, so we will sunbathe the children sooner because the late bath may ultraviolet rays will be directed on the young people are not good for their development. So the best time for sunbathing for children is 6-7am.

Fall: The weather is colder and the sun is rising later so we sunbathe at around 8-9 o’clock.

Winter: Often foggy, cold weather, windy so we can wait until the sun shines to carry children out to the sun.

Sunbathing for how long is enough

You should practice for children to sunbathe slowly, children 2 weeks old, we should only sunbathing for a few minutes gradually increased to 5-10 minutes a day.

When you realize that the skin of the child has a gay red face, the face is not ruddy. We put the child in the shade to rest and then hold the baby a little more, repeating so that the child is familiar with the sun and the time period. Children 3 months old and older, each time we sunbathe for about 30 minutes and then take them to the house to rest.

How to sunbathe children properly

Sunbathing is essential for mothers to pay attention to a few things when sunbathing children:

Children should be well ventilated, not wearing too tight, should leave limbs when sunbathing.

Children should prepare hats and headscarves for children to avoid direct sunlight on their heads, on their faces.

Depending on the weather, we have a suitable time for sunbathing for children.

So you already know how to sunbathe children effectively and then, wish you success