4-Month-Old Baby

4-Month-Old Baby

Your baby is becoming a young “citizen” at 4 months and will surprise you with your very own personality. You will realize that the baby has something similar to the personality of someone you are very familiar with, be it your own or his father, like a tiny copy. But sometimes your baby has a different personality, unlike anyone in the family, sometimes you can not understand.

You have had a few months to get to know your baby, and also know how to care for your baby comfortably and happily. This is also the most important thing in the period of motherhood, can predict what the baby needs, and meet the baby. This is sometimes easy, but sometimes the baby is uncomfortable and you can not understand what he wants to meet. This often happens and do not lose confidence in your ability to be a great mother. 

Take care of meals and sleep of 4-month-old babies4-Month-Old Baby

By the time your baby is 4 months old, your baby may be sleeping shorter during the day and longer, continuously at night. However, your baby still needs to sleep a lot during the day. You should not be “seduced” to be awake more. Both day and night sleep interfere with each other. Therefore you don’t misunderstand that if your baby doesn’t sleep a lot during the day, he will sleep better at night. On the contrary, you should arrange for your baby to sleep harmoniously day and night, and do not wake the baby to breastfeed or soothe and cuddle.

A 4-month-old baby knows how to express it. He started to protest when he was forced to sleep. Try to keep you gentle, calm when taking care of your baby, and “entice” your husband to take care of your children as much as possible. Find more information about your baby’s sleep on this site, and choose for your family the most helpful methods.

Your baby will be much nicer at 4 months of age. The first difficulties when breastfeeding your baby will gradually disappear because your baby is already quite proficient at breastfeeding. Breast milk or formula milk is still the main source of adequate nutrition for babies at this time. Experts still advise not to introduce solid foods before 6 months of age, to minimize the risk of your baby’s allergies and intestines not growing well enough to digest hard foods.

The behavior of children 4 months old

4-month-old babies recognize you and other loved ones. He can almost communicate with people like his big siblings. The first year babies are dedicated to knowing who can be trusted and will look after and nurture themselves. At this age, your baby is like a sponge, fully absorbed what parents give them. When your baby is crying, if you hold him up and soothe, cuddle to let him or her know you’re sharing the discomfort with him. It means you’ve given him great care.

Keep baby away from televisions or any mechanical screens by 4 months of age. Don’t get the wrong idea that you expose your baby to lively, engaging programs so your child can learn many things early. Experts still recommend that children under 2 years of age should not be exposed to TV screens or computers. For a 4-month-old baby or a few months older, just having your lively face and voice is enough for your baby to focus and encourage brain development.4-Month-Old Baby

Development milestones

Your baby may have had their head lifted by the end of the third month. But they may not be able to hold their back straight at 4 months. Do not force your baby to practice sitting because he is still very young. When you hold your baby, you will see that he is about to hold his neck and back straight. Pay attention to your baby’s head and neck when you hold him, especially when he is sleepy or crying. The baby’s head is quite large compared to the body weight, so keeping the baby’s held firm for a while is not easy either.

This time many babies also started to flip. Usually, the baby will flip from the supine position to tummy first and after a few weeks they will turn over. If exercised daily, children will be faster and stronger. So you should let your baby play on the floor. Your baby will not stay in one place all the time but will love to explore every nook and cranny around within the reach of a 4-month-old baby.

Babies are very good at expressing their emotions, but because they cannot speak, they can only cry. Accompanied by the development of 4-month-old babies, the baby’s voice has also changed, so you will hear screams, cries to deafening, sometimes the baby chirping, or chirping, babbling lovely tones of young children. This is a wonderful time for you like you are being rewarded for the difficulties and hardships of taking care of your baby.


A 4-month-old baby can double her body weight in 4-6 months, but keep in mind that weight is just one of her growth targets. However, if your baby is gaining weight a little, for example when you see his thighs, abdomen, biceps or his face looks long and thin, you should seek medical attention immediately. In the first year of life, a baby will grow very quickly, not only for the body but also for his brain.

Keep your baby always healthy

At this time, your baby will have to be vaccinated for the 4th month period. If your baby has ever had a bad reaction, or you have been worried about previous immunizations, please talk to your health care provider. You may not be comfortable getting your baby vaccinated, but this is essential for their long-term health. So please accept a little inconvenience to be safe later. If you do not want to take your baby on your own, ask your husband, family member, or a close friend to go with your mother and children.4-Month-Old Baby

Keep baby safe

Keep an eye on your baby’s legs because 4-month-old babies kick and swing. Clear all furniture before you put your baby on the floor and give him space to move freely. You need to clean the floor often to clean the ball because your child is very fond of picking up pieces of cake and dust. However, you also do not need serious sanitary problems in the home. Science has proven that we still need the amount of dirt and germs necessary for the immune system to function as well as reduce the risk of childhood allergies as a child.

Do not allow a 4-month-old child to approach any pet, although it may be very gentle and well tamed. Practice the habit of closing your baby’s bedroom door every time you go in and out, to avoid the case of pets sneaking in and sleeping with them. Wash and louse pets regularly, and always wash your hands after playing with them. You may love pets as family members but be careful, they can still infect family members.

Play with your baby

Shop for noisy toys like rattles and jokes to play with your baby. Your 4-month-old baby is in the learning stage of the first skills and will be delighted to see the toy make strange and interesting noises. A crumpled paper, especially cellophane, is a special pastime for babies this age, but make sure you are the one holding the paper, not the baby.

You will find that your baby is looking for ways to put toys in his mouth, sometimes your heel or nose! By this time babies start to like to grab their parents’ faces or be attracted to items with knobs. It may have been a long time ago that you no longer cared about having someone who was fascinated by you, but now you will feel excited when your baby is your fan.

Keep your baby safe in a crib, bassinet, stroller, or belt at this time. Babies need to be active to develop, but the time they play on the floor, though it should not be limited, still needs to be closely monitored.

With the mother4-Month-Old Baby3

4-Month-Old Baby3.png

You may feel well in the morning, especially when you get more sleep the night before. But by noon your energy seems to be slowly losing again. Pay attention to the meals, do not miss lunch and breakfast. Some mothers are constantly busy with their 4-month-old baby, and it is not until lunchtime that they have not eaten anything since morning. Your body will always need decent care no matter how you are in the situation, busy or leisurely. If you neglect yourself and don’t eat well, how can you best take care of your baby?

If you haven’t noticed yourself for a few months, you should start retouching now. Many mothers who give birth before their babies have worked hard at beauty salons, or have their first jobs. However, now these things have become a luxury when the time has been filled by the care schedule. baby. So when your husband has free time to take care of the baby, make time for yourself. You can make an appointment for a hairdresser to come to your home, or to accompany a girlfriend who is also having a baby to the hair salon. The two of you can take turns holding the babies to make the other beautiful.

If you are trying to save money, you can practice the post-birth fitness exercises at home.

Your emotion

At this point, you may find yourself more sentimental. Many mothers experience the “shock of motherhood” when having children. They have to adjust themselves quite a lot to become a mother. Others take up the new role comfortably and motherhood gently. Stay with family and friends for support and encouragement. And stay away from those who tend to criticize, or make you believe that you are not a perfect mother. These people only focus on underestimating the self-esteem of others, instead of trying to be fair and judge others properly.

Your sleeping needs

If your baby goes to bed early, you should reward yourself for a good night too. But if you do not get to sleep right away, you should also make a habit of taking a warm bath, drinking a glass of milk, reading, listening to the radio, or simply resting comfortably. For some mothers, just listening to a good music disc to relax also helps relieve stress during a long day. If your older child refuses to go to bed, make a routine for your child. A schedule is essential for children. They will grow up in a home where rules are clear and parents agree on a parenting perspective.

Make sure your bedroom doesn’t become a messy home for your whole family. Create a peaceful, tidy atmosphere for your home, rather than feeling cluttered, not in any order. Only when you feel comfortable and peaceful can you do it.


If you feel you’ve disappeared from social relationships during the past few months, now is the time to reappear. Watch a movie, go for a walk, meet friends, or generally get in touch with others. When your baby is 4 months old, you only have enough time for one activity a day and should arrange in the morning. Older children still need day sleep, until they are 3 years old. So you should put your baby to sleep when he is tired.

Try to share your housework with your husband and don’t think that your current job is to look after the children and the home. Many husbands tend to think that when they get home after a day at the company, they are given a break, or “a task”. A wife at home cannot have that “privilege,” and can cause stress because of unfairness. Talk to your husband frankly about your feelings, and discuss some effective solutions for this situation.