3-Month-Old Baby

3-Month-Old Baby

The first wonderful 3-month cycle has ended, your baby will enter a new phase with lots of changes. 3-month-old babies will cry less often, their reactions can be predicted more and more steadily, and in general you will feel more interesting and “wiser”.

Eat and sleep for a 3 month old baby

By the time babies are 3 months old, they will be getting better and better milk.

Your ability to understand and interpret your baby’s actions such as crying, frowning, etc. will also get better and better. The sound of crying when hungry is different from crying when babies are tired and also different from crying when they feel bored, want to play, etc.

If your baby is still  breastfeeding , you will still have to be ready for breastfeeding all day, but many 3-month-old babies start sleeping longer during the night. Bottle-fed babies often start to sleep longer nights than breastfed babies.

Babies will not be able to sleep through the night, but a 3-month-old will usually have an average of 5-6 hours of continuous sleep.

External manifestations of 3-month-old babies

3-month-old babies will start to urinate a lot. Your baby will improve their speaking skills every day and you will hear his voice with clear high and low pitch; Your baby’s tone will often change with the baby’s development . 

Sometimes you may not be sure whether your baby’s squeals are indicative of emotion or just random sounds. At that time, you try to make strange sounds, play loudly with your baby or blow your mouth into your baby’s belly. Show your baby the positive reaction that will help them identify and further improve their ability to “communicate”.

The milestones mark the development  of 3-month-old babies

From this point on, you will see your baby constantly pouting lips, mouth to mouth, drooling … This is the time when babies really start to feel when there is something in the mouth and know how to nibble really well. Most 3-month-old babies are still too young to have teeth yet, but you will still feel their gums can clench quite hard.

Your baby will often stare at his hands and feet as well as pay attention to his favorite toys. Give your child lots of opportunities every day to play on the floor even when he’s not wearing diapers. This is the time for children to learn to master and to know their heads. If your baby likes to be sling, always keep his face facing out so he can explore the world around him.

Growth of 3-month-old babies

At 3 months of age, your baby will develop significantly, will become more chubby and longer. Newborn clothes may not be able to be worn anymore and you will have to switch to wearing larger sizes. Of course, except this time it is summer and babies just need to wear umbrellas and diapers.

Pay attention to your baby wear all the beautiful clothes that you have been asking for or buy before you give birth. It will be quite wasteful if you want to keep those clothes for a special occasion, and then later you regret that your baby has grown so fast, unable to wear those beautiful clothes.

Keep yourself healthy

Do not ignore your own health care needs. If you eat junk food at any time of the day, it will not make you feel better or feel satisfied. Start your day with fruits and sleep a cup of milk. Such a breakfast is an ideal source of energy to help you recharge fully throughout the day.

If you haven’t been able to shop yet, you might consider buying online, or taking advantage of it when your husband stays at home to look after the children, or have him or a friend buy it for you.

Keep baby safe

Your baby will feel very clever and smart when he can pick things into his mouth by himself. But this also means that there are potential dangers that can happen to your baby everywhere. Therefore, you will always have to observe your baby’s surroundings to minimize problems that may threaten your baby’s safety.

It will take a long time for your children to decide what is safe or not for themselves. Until then, you will have to pay close attention to avoid things harmful to children.

Always check to make sure your child is safely seated in the car when you need to go. Check the road safety information pages for specific information about safety requirements for different age groups in the car.

Play and interact with children 3 months old

You are the biggest toy and also the baby’s first teacher. Although only 3 months old, babies have begun to explore the world and learn to adapt to it. Always keep yourself positive and comfortable playing with your baby and allow yourself to be fully involved in the games you have created with your baby. Do your best in those moments, and don’t think about what you will do or have to do.

Encourage your husband to play with him too. Studies have shown that parents play and interact with their children in different ways. Use your baby’s reaction to know that when they have enough play and want to take a break because at around 3 months of age, their attention and attention are often quite short.

Mother of 3-year-old baby

Enjoy the moments of rest and relaxation during breastfeeding. If you’re bottle-feeding, don’t help your baby hold the bottle. It is important to always cuddle and hold your baby while they are eating. These special moments will contribute to creating a more emotional bond between you and the baby.

Maintain a healthy balance every day, avoiding taking advantage of your free time to cover other things. Avoid programming yourself too much to do. This is the time that your family needs to spend time together, build a bond to connect the family and have fun together every day.

Your emotion

Having the opportunity to sleep more or take advantage of more rest will give you a feeling of returning to your free time before you had children. However, if your baby still wakes up several times a night to breastfeed and his time of day is still messy, then that means you still need to sacrifice those needs.

If you feel uncomfortable, depressed, exhausted etc. then it is important that you speak to your personal nurse or family doctor. Your husband, someone who complains or a trusted friend or other parents can be helpful helpers to get through this difficult time.

Take care of yourself

Try to walk every day and leave your home. It is important that you do not isolate yourself from others. Try to always interact with others and the outside world for your own health benefits.

If you’re still burdened after birth, don’t rush to  lose weight  because  pregnancy  is a time when fat stores are stored for the mother to reserve energy for breastfeeding. Some women return to their pre-pregnancy weight quickly, but there are also cases that take up to a year. Avoid skipping meals or adopting a strict diet. If you want to lose weight sensibly, talk to a dietitian or dietitian for advice to help you with a reasonable diet and exercise.

Your sleeping needs

This is still an ideal time to take advantage of your nap whenever possible. Don’t feel guilty if you need undisturbed quiet sleep – a period of daytime rest is a real requirement of the first months of  motherhood . If your baby is in a period of more than 3 months, try to schedule that break to coincide with your baby’s sleep. Although this can be a challenge, try it.

Your relationships

If you have not yet learned about the group of mothers in the area then. try finding suggests, an introduction to the Assembly this group. If these groups don’t seem right for you, try taking baby massage classes  , postpartum exercise or yoga classes , or maybe just hang out with friends who have just given birth.

Try not to isolate yourself or expect the baby to meet all your needs. If you feel like you’re far from the outside world, take time to read the newspaper every day and listen to the radio constantly. Just listening to other people’s voices helps you not feel lonely and isolated.